Reach for a better receipt.

If your business uses receipts, you should be using EcoChit.

EcoChit receipt paper is 100% free of all phenols, including BPA and BPS. This makes your business receipts safe to handle and 100% recyclable. But that’s just the beginning of our story.

Take a deeper dive into receipt sustainability.

• Tested and recommended by leading manufacturers of point of sale printers

• Choose designs that support Reforestation or Seaforestation

• Bright white, sustainably sourced paper

• Can be custom printed to include company branding, and sustainable messaging

Can a receipt change the world?

Verified Partnerships

Through verified partnerships, we have built a model that enables every case of EcoChit receipts to contribute to the regeneration of critical ecosystems.

With veritree, each case sale results in the planting of two trees, traceable and verified with proprietary blockchain-powered GPS mapping. Or, choose ‘seaforestation’ to help regenerate marine ecosystems through a new partnership with Ocean Wise.


Why Mangroves?


Who uses EcoChit?

It doesn’t matter how big (or small) your business is, whether you sell movie tickets, building supplies, craft beer, or handicrafts. If you care about the health of your employees, your customers and the planet, EcoChit is for you.

EcoChit Customer Reviews


As the first Carbon Neutral fast food restaurant in Canada, EcoChit's Seaforestation program and their sustainability-centric business model completely align with our values.

Big Wheel Burger

EcoChit reinforces the important message of sustainability to each guest that receives a receipt.

SSA Group

We are proud to use EcoChit in Lush stores across North America, for our customers who request paper receipts. Ethical sourcing is a core philosophy at Lush.

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Service is very fast and friendly. They understand our stock requirements and so are able to anticipate our orders, which is a great help in a busy environment.

Purebread Canada

JJ Bean is proud to be a leader when it comes to sustainable solutions for disposable things.  We're happy to partner with EcoChit as a part of this initiative.

JJ Bean

As the original Canadian craft brewery – born & bred in Vancouver – sustainability is part of the local DNA. EcoChit thermal paper helps us maintain integrity with a quality recyclable product.

Granville Island Brewing

Switching to EcoChit receipts was an easy decision: they're fully recyclable, 100% BPA + BPS Free, and they help plant trees with every case of paper sold.

Just Salad

It is clear that EcoChit puts sustainability, purposeful product, and excellent customer service at the forefront of their business.

Patagonia / Elements

Every choice and act matters in the sustainability fight and EcoChit provides us with a way to help the planet while continuing to provide great service for our guests.

Ripley's Aquarium

Meet the women building
a better receipt for the world.

Our mission – helping businesses harness the power of everyday paper products to support ecosystem regeneration, while increasing climate and environmental literacy.

Questions about EcoChit?

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People never really thought twice about receipts. But they are starting to. If you have questions about phenol-free technology, our verified partners or anything else, just ask.

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