EcoChit Paper is 100% Recyclable. Due to the chemical composition of the phenol-free thermal coating on EcoChit, the paper can be recycled but not composted. Our cardboard core and shipping box can be recycled or composted. Please check with your local municipality for complete sorting details.

EcoChit is currently available in Canada and USA. Purchases can be made through Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. For a complete list of distributors please contact us.

We are happy to supply EcoChit through your preferred distribution partner. Please contact us for more details on how to get our products set-up.

Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) are chemicals which are found in standard thermal receipt paper. These chemicals are linked to a wide range of side effects ranging from hormonal imbalances, infertility and even cancer. It is important to use a Phenol-Free product like EcoChit to protect your customers and employees from frequent exposure. To learn more, check out Episode 02 of “CHIT Chat” where we discuss this topic with Dr. Hayley Owens, ND.

Absolutely! We can fully customize the print on EcoChit to include your company logo and preferred messaging. Please Contact us for more details.

Our reforestation partner, veritree, is planting mangrove trees in Madagascar – one of the world’s most impactful species and best environments for carbon sequestration. Learn more, or visit the veritree Virtual Forest.

We also plant forests underwater!

Seaforestation is the act of restoring and caring for underwater seaweed forests. Through a partnership with Ocean Wise, your case of EcoChit receipt paper can help plant kelp forests off the coast of Vancouver Island.


More questions?

Email us at info@ecochit.com.