Seaforestation with EcoChit takes business impact even deeper.

Land-based forests aren’t the only way to improve our climate resilience. Seaforestation is the act of planting and restoring underwater kelp forests. Kelp forests are essential to countering the effects of global warming.

Through a partnership with Ocean Wise, your case of EcoChit receipt paper will help plant and restore kelp forests.

"By growing and restoring kelp forests at scale, we can remove CO2 from the atmosphere, create marine habitat, and combat ocean acidification, all while creating economic opportunities for Indigenous and coastal communities. Carlos Drews - EVP, Conservation with Ocean Wise .”

Kelp grows 30x faster than trees and is able to absorb and store CO2 for centuries.

Seaweed plays a vital role in marine ecosystems – creating important habitat and nursery grounds for ocean animals, mitigating wave energy from storms, acting as a buffer from ocean acidification, and much more.

Kelp forests help to reduce ocean acidification.

The ocean absorbs 25% of the carbon dioxide we emit into the atmosphere which leads to ocean acidification. Ocean acidification directly impacts shellfish, by dissolving shells and interfering with new shell growth. This affects the marine food web from the bottom to the top. If you rely on seafood as a food source, or serve it on your menu, ocean acidification impacts you as well.

QR Codes help spread the word about Seaforestation.

Every time a customer sees one of our eco-friendly receipts, they can scan to learn more – associating awareness about climate solutions with your business.

Visit Ocean Wise to learn more about what’s beneath the surface of this amazing program.