Eco-Friendly Receipt Paper - 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to EcoChit.

Eco-Friendly Receipt Paper

In today’s business landscape, sustainability has become much more than just a buzzword. Now more than ever, businesses are actively seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact. In the midst of these efforts lies receipt paper - an item often overlooked when transitioning to sustainable operations. This blog will explore 10 compelling reasons why your business should ditch traditional receipt paper and switch to EcoChit’s eco-friendly receipt paper. 

1. Get Your Sustainability Efforts Noticed:

It’s common for environmental initiatives to go unnoticed by customers or to only surface on your company’s website. EcoChit’s custom printed eco-friendly receipts provide a tangible solution that will showcase your commitment towards a sustainable future, directly to your customers. 

2. Ditch Harmful Chemicals:

Traditional receipts contain harmful chemicals such as BPA or BPS which, when absorbed into the bloodstream, can lead to various health issues. Make the switch to EcoChit’s 100% BPA and BPS-free receipts for a safer alternative, ensuring the well-being of both your customers and employees.

BPA BPS Receipt Paper

3. Divert Waste Away From Landfills:

Using EcoChit will help divert receipt waste away from landfills. Standard receipt paper, manufactured with BPA or BPS, is not recyclable. EcoChit is 100% BPA and BPS-Free and fully recyclable. Our eco-friendly receipt paper will bring you one step closer to achieving your zero waste goals. 

4. Your Employees and Customers Will Appreciate It: 

Prioritizing people and the planet is a great way to earn appreciation from employees and customers alike. EcoChit makes a small but highly visible difference through a product that literally touches your customers and employees everyday. Trust us - the little effort it takes to switch to EcoChit will go a long way.

5. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

For each case of EcoChit sold, we plant two trees for our Reforestation product line or two kelp for our SEAforestation product line. Both tree and kelp ecosystems play a crucial role in reducing CO2 levels and mitigating the impacts of global warming. By supporting ecosystem regeneration with EcoChit you will reduce your business’ carbon footprint. 

6. Raise Environmental Awareness:

EcoChit is designed to help create awareness about natural climate solutions through the unique custom print featured on the back of each receipt. Imagine the impact your business can make by spreading crucial information about climate solutions to a broad audience.

7. Eliminate Single-Use Plastics:

EcoChit is proud to be 100% Plastic-Free. We’ve replaced single-use plastic cores found in standard thermal rolls and with compostable cardboard. This is a small but impactful change your business can take by switching to EcoChit

8. Stand-Out From Your Competitors:

Looking for a way to stand out from your competitors and attract the rising base of eco-conscious consumers? Switching to EcoChit will position you as a leader in adopting sustainable practices, resonating positively with today’s mindful consumers.

9. Custom Print and ROI Opportunities

Looking to utilize your eco-friendly receipts to tell your unique sustainability story? EcoChit offers customizable co-branding opportunities so that your business can include its branding and tailored messaging. We can also suggest several ways on how your business can generate an ROI through your custom print. Reach out to us for a customized quote.

10. Seamless Integration

EcoChit eco-friendly thermal rolls are conveniently manufactured in universal sizes for point of sale printers. Switching to EcoChit is as easy as changing a roll of toilet paper! When you’re ready, simply switch out your old roll with EcoChit, and you are ready to begin printing.

EcoChit is much more than just receipt paper. We are on a mission to help save our planet. Our eco-friendly receipt paper is designed to help create awareness about natural climate solutions while giving your business a simple way to support them.

With one simple switch your business can help mitigate the impacts of global warming, increase environmental awareness, reduce waste and prevent exposure to harmful chemicals.

Ready to join the EcoChit initiative? Contact us for a Custom Quote at or visit to order your first box.