EcoChit Business Profile – Artigiano brews artful eco-awareness into every detail.

EcoChit Business Profile – Artigiano brews artful eco-awareness into every detail.
Over 20 years ago Caffe Artigiano opened, upping the game for Vancouver coffee culture. Their amazing coffee, European flair and fine Latte Art soon enchanted locals and celebrities alike.  
Now, Artigiano has expanded to 17 cafés in B.C. and three in Alberta, and we are proud to  count them as customers for EcoChit eco-friendly receipt paper.  
For International Coffee Day (October 1), we caught up with Jackie Montgomery from Artigiano, to  find out more about how the choice to use EcoChit phenol-free receipts fits into their focus on sustainability.        

Every product and process counts – right down to the receipt paper. 

Making a perfect cup of coffee is the culmination of a thousand small details, from selecting  the right farmers and beans to roasting with unique blends and serving it all in a creative environment. At Artigiano, sustainability follows the same protocol. They eliminate plastic and single-use products from their cafes where possible, include vegan and vegetarian items, offer organic milk, and introduced single-use cup charges long before they were mandated. The Artigiano team also knows non-toxic receipts are an issue that touches their employees and customers every day.

“Our team feels good about every product we carry, right down to the receipt paper,” says Jackie, “Partnering with an organization that shares our values made the decision to switch to phenol-free EcoChit receipt paper an easy one.” 

Recyclable, responsible and regenerating – from farm to receipt. 

Artigiano is committed to sourcing coffee beans from family farms, grown using traditional, organic methods and with minimum synthetic inputs. They also upcycle all burlap sacks and donate coffee grounds to local gardeners for composting. 

EcoChit’s 100% recyclable receipts, with our reforestation and seaforestation initiatives, offer yet another way for Artigiano to make a statement. 

Sustainability, like good coffee, starts with a conversation. 

Walk into any Artigiano café, and you’ll hear the world talking. When the team heard about  the impact that traditional BPA/BPS-coated receipt paper could have on the environment, they knew they had to change. 

“Introducing EcoChit was a conversation starter,” says Jackie, “It brings awareness to  those who may not otherwise consider the impact their behaviours have on our climate.” 

Topping off a perfect cup with a better, sustainable receipt is a detail that will make a difference long term. 

“We have a responsibility to educate and support our communities in doing the right thing when it comes to environmental sustainability,” Jackie continues,

“We’ve also had very positive reactions from our guests and team members about EcoChit receipts and the work they help facilitate in mangrove reforestation and kelp forest seaforestation. It feels good to do what’s right.”  

So if you want to celebrate International Coffee Day in true artistic fashion, drop by your local Artigiano. It’s sustainable coffee art, down to the last detail!