Partner Spotlight - EcoChit x Harbour Air Seaplanes

Partner Spotlight - EcoChit x Harbour Air Seaplanes
For over 30 years, Harbour Air has been a leader in seaplane travel, connecting destinations across the Pacific Northwest. Their stunning coastal views and commitment to providing safe and efficient travel has made them a beloved and trusted brand among locals and tourists alike. But it’s not just their exceptional service that sets them apart. Harbour Air is also a leader in sustainability, continuously striving to reduce their environmental impact. 
Communicating a commitment to sustainability with EcoChit.

One way which Harbour Air has chosen to reinforce their commitment towards a sustainable future is through the use of EcoChit’s eco-friendly receipt paper. Opting for a custom print, Harbour Air created a design to include their branding and tailored messaging, in support of the SEAforestation initiative. This aligns perfectly with EcoChit’s mission of using receipt paper as a medium for climate education and action. 

“We are strongly committed to being an industry leader on sustainable initiatives and EcoChit reinforces that message to each guest that receives a receipt.” says Lauren Wilkinson of Harbour Air. The SEAforestation project off the coast of Vancouver Island aligns well with our efforts to mitigate our environmental impacts and support projects that create measurable benefits to our planet.” she continues.

Restoring kelp forests through SEAforestation.

Kelp forests are essential to countering the effects of global warming, reducing ocean acidification, and providing habitat for marine species. Through EcoChit’s partnership with Ocean Wise, two kelp plants are planted for each case of EcoChit sold. “We know that a huge part of our success is because of the beauty of the West Coast experience we offer - an experience that we want to protect and support for generations to come.”

Harbour Air takes sustainability to new heights. 

In 2007, Harbour Air became North America’s first fully-carbon neutral airline. In 2019, they made history by flying the world's first fully commercial electric aircraft. Their e-plane project will ultimately turn their 40+ fleet of seaplanes from carbon-neutral to carbon zero. Every aspect of Harbour Air is rooted in sustainability and when they became aware of the negative health impacts associated with traditional receipt paper, they took action to make a change to EcoChit’s fully recyclable and 100% Phenol-Free receipt paper.

“The health and safety of our team members and guests are our number one priority. We wanted to move away from our previous POS paper to a product that is BPA/BPS Free and fully recyclable. It is important for Harbour Air to work with leading suppliers, and for our clients to know that we have a holistic view of our supply chain. We are constantly looking at ways to further our sustainability efforts at all levels of our operations."

Next time you are looking for a more eco-friendly way to travel, consider booking a flight with Harbour Air. With their commitment to sustainability and use of innovative solutions like EcoChit receipts, they are setting a new standard for responsible travel.

And, if your business is looking for a tailored way to showcase its commitment to sustainability, reach out to EcoChit to inquire about our custom prints.

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